NRM release statement on Class 41 locomotive future

HST Prototype 41001 // Credit: Great Central Railway Nottingham FB Page
HST Prototype 41001 // Credit: Great Central Railway Nottingham FB Page

The National Railway Museum has released a statement regarding the news yesterday that 41001 will be returning to themselves.

It was announced yesterday that Class 41 Prototype HST power car will be returning to the care of the NRM when the loan with the 125 Group runs out.

November is the end of its current operating agreement. Despite best efforts, the 125 Group and The Science Museum Group have been unable to reach a new agreement.

41001 was a regular sight at the Great Central Railway – Nottingham, and made appearances at other railways including the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway and the Severn Valley Railway.

Here is the NRM’s statement:

It is with regret that the National Railway Museum will not renew the 125 Group’s operational loan agreement for HST prototype No.41001 and Valenta power unit.

The decision has not been taken lightly and follows repeated and serious breaches of conditions in the loan agreement.

These include a failure to ensure the security and safety of the power car, refusal to give museum representatives access to the vehicle when requested and unprofessional conduct.

The power car will now return to the custodianship of the National Railway Museum.

We would like to thank members of the 125 Group for their efforts over several years

And here is the 125 Groups response to this statement:

125 Group has worked with the National Railway Museum for the past 8 years to restore 41001 to operational condition and to allow this unique vehicle to be experienced and enjoyed by many people during that time.

We regret that we have been unable to reach an agreement with the Science Museum Group to continue to look after 41001.

The relationship to date has had a positive outcome and has allowed 41001 to be displayed and operated in a variety of locations and to a wide audience, in line with the objectives 125 Group agreed with the NRM at the outset of the loan.

The Trustees of 125 Group are shocked by the recent SMG/NRM statement and do not recognise the accusations made that it has been negligent in it’s custodianship of 41001.

Nor had they been made aware prior to being advised that the agreement would not be extended, of any material breach to the terms of the existing agreement.

The Trustees were expecting to enter into a period of negotiation over a new agreement and therefore this recall to York has been something of a surprise to us all.

We have always cared for 41001 as if it was our own power car. Whilst it is regretful that this decision has been reached, 125 Group will work to redeliver the vehicle back to the NRM at York and to the SMG in accordance with the existing and soon to expire loan agreement.

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  1. What’s going in with the NRM.
    First they kick out the koyli group, now this.
    These engines should be enjoyed on the mainline or preserved lines, not stuck in york nrm never to move.
    55002 is mainline registered and in mint condition.
    Now what’s it doing. Gathering dust.
    The NRM should be made to answer in full for this.

  2. 41001 will be returning to them, not to themselves.
    Themselves is only used if you are describing something that they are doing themselves. It’s a common mistake, along with people saying “yourself” when they mean “you” and “myself” when they mean “me”.

  3. The NRM is a joke. Instead of wasting money on the Flying Money pit, they should treat all locomotives the same angd get more of them running.

  4. Believe as already stated that these machines belong to the public and should be available for as many peaple to view as possible . NRM you need to have a rethink


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