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Welcome to the RailAdvent Ideas page!

Here you can submit your ideas for new features or changes you would like to see on the website, as well as being able to vote on ideas that others have already suggested.

We are looking for ideas large and small, it might be a small change to an existing feature, or it could be a whole new feature that we don’t have on the website currently. 

To submit an idea or to vote, you will need to be signed in to RailAdvent. More details are below the ideas board.

RailAdvent Ideas Board

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    Photo of the Year
    9 months agoopen2
    Clive commented to me that a gallery containing everyone’s favourite photo of 2023 would be good. We could all resubmit our favourite photo for this. You may even choose some for your 2025 calendar.
  • 6
    Full screen photo option on LocoStop
    9 months agoopen1
    We could click on said picture to go full screen? Like YouTube or dare i say? Flicker! Lots of pictures on here are enhanced by the scenery, The moors or mountain, Rugged landscapes. And it brings outRead more…
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    Chat / Discussion page
    9 months agoopen1
    A members forum for chat, discussions, with threads
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    Railtour Mileage
    1 month agoopen0
    An idea that I recommend is how many miles a railtour will cover, either steam or modern traction worked it would be good to see what mileage a railtour will cover.

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