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Porterbrook donate 2 Class 43 locomotives to the 125 Group

The 125 Group has announced that they are being donated two mainline Class 43 power cars. The two power cars will join the 125 Group...

NRM release statement on Class 41 locomotive future

The National Railway Museum has released a statement regarding the news yesterday that 41001 will be returning to themselves.

125 Group announce sad news for Class 41 locomotive

The 125 Group has announced that Prototype Power Car, 41001, will be returning to its owners, the National Railway Museum, in November.

125 Group donated further Mk3 for locomotive 41001

The 125 Group has announced that they have been donated a Mk3 coach to be hauled by locomotive 41001. The coach, Trailer Guards Standard (TGS)...

Locomotive 41001 withdrawn from traffic

The 125 Group has announced that 41001 has been withdrawn from traffic after engine issues have been discovered. Power car 41001 has shown signs of...

125 Group reaches milestone of Depot 125 Appeal

The 125 Group have announced that they have reached a milestone in their quest to build a depot for their HST prototype. So far, the...

125 Group purchases Mk3 coach

The 125 Group has announced that they have purchased an additional Mk3 Coach. The coach is Restaurant First Modular 10202. The kitchen/buffet carriage will be used...

EXCLUSIVE: The Duke – The Impossible Dream – Past, Present and...

Following on from this, we are delighted to announce that we have been contacted by The BR Class 8 Steam Locomotive Trust and they have provided us with an exclusive update on the history of the project, written by Trevor Tuckley. The update below is in its original unedited version