125 Group announce sad news for Class 41 locomotive

HST 41001
Credit: Dan Sutcliffe

The 125 Group has announced that Prototype Power Car, 41001, will be returning to its owners, the National Railway Museum, in November.

November is the end of its current operating agreement. Despite best efforts, the 125 Group and The Science Museum Group have been unable to reach a new agreement.

The Science Museum Group has chosen to terminate the loan.

41001 has been on a huge journey in the 8 years since 125 Group took over custodianship. It has gone from a static exhibit to a fully working locomotive.

It has regularly hauled public passenger trains at its home railway Great Central Railway (Nottingham).

The 125 Group was formed 25 years ago, they now own, maintain and operate a small fleet of Mk3 coaches and hope to acquire at least one Production Power Car in the near future.

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  1. Given the ‘care’ the NRM has thus far shown the first
    Production Power Car (43002) this is not only sad but bad news.

    43002 had been left out in the elements at Ely for several weeks due to a ‘paperwork issue’.

  2. What a joke its now going to sit in a museum rotting. It could of been running up and down the railway celebrating the creation of the hst

  3. Probably just gonna get stuffed and mounted like the rest of the collection, what a shame after all the hard work that’s gone into getting it running

  4. I don’t quite get why they have to take it back and do nothing with it.it should be left at the great central North and the norm ought to be putting a claim on 43199 to run with it.

  5. Shame that such an unusual and special loco is not going to be doing what it was designed to do anymore, though I think that the 125 group should probably have taken more care over fulfilling the conditions of the loan and keeping security top priority, it is sad that the NRM has not given them another chance. Especially after the hard work that has been put into restoring it to running order. Looking forward to seeing a Class 43 and train saved from probable scrap on a heritage line though!


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