RailAdvent Points are here!

RailAdvent Points are here, get rewards for purchasing a product, being a member or even posting a photo on LocoStop.

These points can then be redeemed in our Online Store for a discount on your basket!

How can I earn points?

You can earn points in a number of ways. They are easy to earn too!

  1. Buy a product on the RailAdvent Online Store
    1. For every pound you spend, you will receive 10 RailAdvent Points
  2. Sign up to a RailAdvent Plus membership!
  3. Post a photo or ask a question on LocoStop, post just one thing a day and you will receive a point for doing so.

How can I redeem these points?

When you earn points, these can be used on our Online Store against the cost of your basket (or all of it if you have enough points!).

Simply head to the checkout, and use the slider to select how many points you would like to use, and then this is deducted from your basket total. This is valid on DVDs, Prints, cards and more- so great to save some money!

I have a question or query!

If you have any questions regarding RailAdvent Points, please email [email protected]

You can view your points balance by clicking here.

Further information about RailAdvent Points

  1. Terms and Conditions for RailAdvent Points may be amended by us at any time.
  2. The RailAdvent Points scheme may be ended at any time without notice
  3. Points have no cash value
  4. These points cannot be used on any other website
  5. Points awarded expire after 2 years
  6. You MUST be logged in to earn any points, checking out as a guest means that we cannot save any points to your account.
  7. At the current time, 10 points are worth £0.05 in store discount
  8. At the current time, 10 points are awarded for each £1 spent in the store, or on Memberships
  9. You cant use points as part payments for RailAdvent Plus memberships. However, points are awarded on membership payments
  10. Points can be used as a discount on selected products only. All products are subject to availability.
  11. We reserve the right to amend a users points balance where we believe fraudulent activity has taken place.
  12. We may cancel any orders where points have been used as a discount and those points may have been obtained fraudulently
  13. Points are not transferrable between users
  14. Points are not awarded on video rentals and points cannot be redeemed as part payment for a video rental.