Eridge station sees old footbridge removed in major work

Eridge Station footbridge
Credit: Network Rail

Important work to remove and rebuild a footbridge at Eridge Station took place last weekend.

The work was needed due to the age of the bridge, and to protect those using the bridge and the trains below.

Eridge station is served by Southern trains services via the Uckfield branch of the Oxted line. The existing staircases and bridge are to be replaced by a modern footbridge.

The platform canopies at Eridge station are also being refurbished to improve passenger experience for those commuting to London or visiting the Spa Valley Railway.

Eridge station footbridge being replaced
Credit: Network Rail

Paul Harwood, regional investment director for Network Rail, said: “Construction of a new footbridge at Eridge is essential to maintain access across the railway between the lineside communities.

“The age and condition of the old bridge structure meant that continuing to maintain it was not an option as we have to maintain a safe access for the people who use the bridge and for the trains travelling below.

“The new bridge will be installed in two months’ time and deliver a safe and reliable walking route over the railway which will be of benefit for years to come.”

Angie Doll, Managing Director for Southern and Gatwick Express, said: “On behalf of our Eridge passengers, we welcome this major investment in modern safety and comfort standards, and we are delighted that Network Rail have made such good progress on the project. While we are encouraging people to follow Government advice around the use of public transport, we thank those who do currently have to use Eridge station for their patience during this vital work.”

Mark Dodd, Customer Service Manager at Spa Valley Railway said: “We are delighted to be working with Network Rail, BAM Nuttall and Govia Thameslink Railway on replacing the footbridge in Eridge. The new footbridge will be a significant improvement for our customers connecting from the mainline service. The level of detail in the project is very welcomed and I’m sure the finished product will be a much improved Eridge Station for everyone. Please check our website for the latest information on our fundraising efforts during Covid-19.”

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  1. Eridge… As we may know, Is msot definitely the perfect starting point/as well as the interchanging terminus of the Smash-Hit (Also ”Eagerly-Must-Visit”) Spa Valley Railway.

    Which I myself, still hope to visit to and visit this Heritage Railway ‘in-person’ someday.

    I also hope they do A good job repairing the old Eridge Train Station Footbridge, let alone make it much safer.

    Furthermore, Eridge (which rhymes with Bridge) is A Terrificaly Excellent name for an interesting sussex town.

    Also, the Spa Valley Railway’s SVR initials… Are also shared with that of the Also ”Eagerly-Must-Visit” Severn Valley Railway in Shropshire/Worcestershire… Whose SVR initials are surprisingly the same/hence shared.

    The Spa Valley Railway roams the Sussex/Kent countryside for over 5 miles in-between Eridge and Royal Tunbridge Wells.


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