Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway set to reopen from August 2020

Andrew Bell Dinmore Manor
Credit: GWSR

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway has announced that it will resume some services from the 15th August 2020.

The service will include pre-bookable tickets from Toddington station which will operate trips with stops at Cheltenham Racecourse and Broadway. Passengers will not be able to join or leave trains at any station, other than Toddington.

Richard Johnson, the volunteer chairman of GWSR, explains: “We are planning to re-start services cautiously at a time when Covid-19 restrictions are progressively being lifted.

“However, we are very conscious that we will still need to maintain self-distancing, and great care will be taken to ensure the safety of our visitors and volunteers.

“We will be using coaches that have an old-fashioned side corridor with compartments that have sliding doors. The idea is that visitors will be able to book a compartment for a minimum of two people and for family groups of up to six.

“The trains will be thoroughly cleaned after every day.

“It’s a really exciting step towards resumption of services on our delightful railway. As one of over 950 volunteers, I must say that I can’t wait to see trains running through the Cotswolds on our railway once again!”

After the longest closure in the GWSR’s 36-year history, many volunteers, like guards, drivers and signallers, will have to re-qualify for their certificates.

Therefore, ‘ghost trains’ prior to the opening will run to allow these volunteers to qualify so that trains can run safely once again.

Volunteers will be initially returning to make sure that stock, signalling, track and steam locomotives are in a safe condition to resume trains.

Richard Johnson said: “Our charitable organisation, the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway Trust, did an extraordinary job in publicising the appeal and I’m truly grateful to every one of the more than 1,300 people who contributed to help ensure the future of our railway.”

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  1. I’m happy for and to hear the Gloucestershire-Warwickshire Railway are at long last finally about to reopen back up and running for the first time since the Lockdown.

    I still hope to (let alone aimfully) visit this Delightfully Colourful Heritage Railway as well as the Cotswolds ‘in-person’ someday.

  2. Hello.
    Living in Cheltenham and having shortbjourneys to visit any of the great stations on this magnificent railway. I have enjoyed being at each of the stations as the trains coming in and taking a camera load of photographs, of the engine, the token change over. Talking to the great staff that that always look so smart with not a button out of place. Also it is so lovely to see Male and Female carrying out various functions whether locomotive driver, fire person, guards, Station masters. Because of my illness it always great to be taking pictures of the Gloucestershire, Warwickshire Steam Railway.
    One day I hope to make a trip from Cheltenham to Broadway and back.
    All in all, thank you to every person who help to run this magnificent railway.
    I hope every person on the railway have good health with what is happening.

  3. Hello.
    I am so pleased for the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway that will soon be running again. Living in Cheltenham all my life and been and still a train spotter since I was knee high to a Grasshopper.
    I like visiting all the railway stations, talking to the lovely so smart, friendly staff. I like taking photographs of the trains coming into the stations with particular interest in the token change over with taking pictures. The locomotives are always immaculate in turn out even in stormy weather. When I ask a question to the engine driver or fire person about items on the locomotive, they are always so helpful in providing me with the information.
    I find it so lovely that there is a mix of male and female persons in various positions in running the railway.
    I look forward to getting my camera clicking button back into action once more.
    Stay safe and take care.

  4. Interesting news,using side corridor stock will probably mean they can carry enough customers to make the service viable. Having looked at the timetable the journey will be about three hours, I do wonder how they will go on with the toilets.

  5. Hello.
    With the great news on the GWSR starting to run again. Over the years I have made a photograph diary on all my regular visits to the various stations which is on a weekly basis. I took various pictures on News Years day, again pictures for the Cheltenham festival in March. I was looking forward to this years programme of the GWSR and then all stop.
    Will I be able to carry on taking pictures from the platforms on the various trains that will be running. I would like to keep a photographic library on how the GWSR starts to run again. All pictures taken would be available to anybody that wants them at no cost. I would appreciate some guidance on the above. Stay safe and take care.


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