Palmerston & Britomart on the Ffestiniog RailwayOver the bank holiday weekend, we visited the Ffestiniog Railway as they were holding a special event. This would see 10 locomotives in steam across the Ffestiniog Railway and an intensive timetable in operation.

In this first part, from Saturday, you can see lots of action, including shuttles from Blaenau Ffestiniog, the Members Train, double headers, and much more!

Locomotives in Steam are:

  • David Lloyd George (built 1992 – Boston Lodge Works)
  • Earl of Merioneth (built 1979 – Boston Lodge Works)
  • Palmerston (built 1864 – George England & Co)
  • Britomart (built 1899 – Hunslet Engine Co.)
  • Prince (built 1863 – George England & Co.)
  • Hugh Napier (built 1904 – Hunslet Engine Co.)
  • Darjeeling Himilayan No. 19 (built 1889 – Sharp Stewart & Co)
  • Linda (built 1893 – Hunslet Engine Co.)
  • Blanche (built 1893 – Hunslet Engine Co.)
  • Lyd (built 2010 – Boston Lodge Works)
Mountaineer is also featured, but isn’t in steam as it is awaiting restoration.


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