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11th January
Profile Details

We have recently added a new profile security question which all users will be prompted to complete.

2nd September

There has been an intermittent issue with Hashtags not filtering down correctly, this has now been fixed, so please continue adding those #hashtags into your posts 🙂

30th July

There has been an issue in being able to select the location for a post/photo, this has been resolved and you should now be able to tag these with the location as before

18th May
Software Update

Minor updates to assist with GDPR compliance

14th May

On the desktop view, below the photos section, we have added shortcuts to your friends.

12th May
Your Photos

On the desktop view, below the new profile sidebar, we have now added a shortcut to your photos, with a quick preview of some that you have uploaded.

11th May
LocoStop Layout

The layout of the page for LocoStop when viewed on a desktop, has been enhanced with a new sidebar at the left, giving you quick access to your profile and sections of the community.

10th May
Status Updates

The input box for the status updates is now displayed at a smaller height, and will automatically expand as you type.

This makes it easier to see the latest post in the activity stream.


30th April
Profile Updates

Those of you that have registered prior to today will notice that 2 security questions have been added to your profile, and these will need to be completed before you can continue on Locostop.