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The Main Menu

From left to right, the menu options are

  • Home – Always takes you to the start of the full activity stream that you see whenever you load the LocoStop homepage, either from the RailAdvent menu or via www.locostop.co.uk
  • Members – View the Members List page
  • Groups – This takes you to the groups page. Groups are setup for a number of topics. See below for more info about how groups work.
  • Your Name – This lets you view your own profile, where you can change your profile image, cover image, see all the pictures you have uploaded etc.
  • Arrow Down Icon – Here you have a list of shortcuts to groups, photos etc. This is also where your user preferences are editable.
  • Friends – view any new friend requests, and your current friends list.
  • Messages – View any user to user messages you have sent or received.
  • Notifications – See notifications about liked posts, friend requests etc


New Post Options

To write a new post, upload a picture or post a Youtube video link, click in the new post box

As soon as you click inside this box, more options will appear and the box will then look like this…

By default, the post window is in writing mode (shown by the blue pencil icon) for you to write message or post a YouTube link.

If you want to upload a picture, just click on the camera icon, and choose photo. You can then follow the instructions for uploading a photo.

You can include hashtags in the text to describe the picture. Example hashtags could be #SVR #Class37 #Keighley #60009

Once you have finished, just press the Post button, and after a couple of seconds, your new post will appear

Looking from left to write, the icons in the post box picture above are as follows:-

  • Pencil – used to post a YouTube link and/or write a text only message
  • Camera – this allows you to upload one or more pictures to the activity stream
  • Background – optionally choose a background to your post
  • Poll – you can create a multiple option poll for other community members to vote on
  • Privacy – by default this is set to Public, mainly because you usually want as many visitors as possible to see your post
  • Pin – not available on every post, or to all users, allows a post to be pinned
  • Schedule – not available for all users, allows a post to be scheduled
  • Group – allows you to post directly to a group, without needing to visit that group page first
  • Mood – optionally tag your post with how you are feeling
  • Location – here you can add the location for a photo, once you click the map pin, you can search for a station or any other location


A number of groups have been setup, these are all public groups and you can choose to post to a group if you wish to categorise your post. All the group posts still appear in the main activity stream, but groups do allow for a better way to organise the posts and make it easier to look back on previous posts.

To post to a group, you need to be a member of the group. You can see a list of all the groups by clicking on the Group option on the menu (see below), or by visiting https://www.railadvent.co.uk/groups

From the groups list, you will see a Join button below each group description. You can join as many groups as you like. You can click on the group title to go to that groups page.

Once on a group page you will see the activity stream just for that group as well as the usual box to make a new post. You will also see options in the header to invite others to the group and to change your notification options for the group.

As mentioned earlier, once you are in a group, you can either post from the main community page into the group, or you may choose to visit the group page first, and the write your post.


List of FAQ’s

I can’t like or comment on group posts

Follow these steps (You only need to do this once)

Step 1
Visit this page https://www.railadvent.co.uk/groups/

Step 2
Click Join below each group on that page

You should now be able to like/comment on any post on the main page. Any problems, let us know via the live chat.

I have signed up but haven’t received a confirmation email.
Click Here to resend the activation email

I have forgotten my password.
Click Here to reset your password

I am trying to change my profile cover photo, but the upload does not seem to work?
The maximum image size for a cover photo is 2000 x 1500 pixels, try uploading a smaller image.

I have another question, or need help with the sign up process.

Please contact us by email or via the live chat, and we will be happy to help.