Tarpaulin cover stolen from wagon at Nene Valley Railway

Tarpaulin Cover 120223 before being Stolen // Credit NVR
Tarpaulin Cover 120223 before being Stolen // Credit NVR

The Nene Valley Railway has unfortunately been the target for theft, with a tarpaulin protective cover removed and taken from one of their wagons.

On the morning of Saturday 27th of June, when checking Peterborough Nene Valley Station, it was discovered that Shoc Open No.B721890 was missing its cover.

Initial investigation shows the ropes securing the cover have been untied rather than cut.

Along with the very heavy nature of the cover, it is believed that two or more people targeted the cover to remove to specifically, rather than vandalise it.

Front View of Tarpaulin Cover 120223 before being Stolen // Credit NVR
Front View of Tarpaulin Cover 120223 before being Stolen // Credit NVR

This is very disappointing news, as this now leaves B721890 with more exposure to the elements, on top of the replacement costs, which is roughly £300.

There are two distinct features to the cover; these are the number “120223” and letters “BR” printed on the outside.

If anyone sees or finds the cover, please contact Nene Valley Railway here.

Alternatively, making a donation of any amount can help the railway replace the cover. For more information or to support the Nene Valley Railway, please visit their website here.

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  1. So Sorry to hear the Nene Valley Railway (which I myself, still hope to visit ‘in-person’ someday)… had been robbed of this Important Tarpaulin.

    Honestly; I can’t believe anyone would ever dare do such a thing like that, To rob the NVR such Cleverly-Protective Tarpaulin Material that does well keeping A peice of rolling stock well protected when covered up, let alone for Restoration.

    I do hope the NVR can Hopefully Yet Aimfully Recover or get A new Replacement Tarpaulin eventually…

    Tarpaulins are of Importance (in my book)… They cover up and well protect all kinds of rolling stock (within UK Preservatioon) through and through.


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