June Update on new build steam locomotive 32424 Beachy Head

Tender Tank // Credit D G Welding
Tender Tank // Credit D G Welding

Good progress is being on the construction of London, Brighton and South Coast Railway H2 Atlantic No.32424 “Beachy Head” at the Bluebell Railway.


Majority of the backhead’s lagging has been fitted.

A few areas will be fully fixed after pressure tests, as some of the boiler stays might need some attention.

The dome has been formed from Aluminium instead of steel and is almost ready to fit. The last bit of welding on the ashpan is due to be completed soon.

Boiler // Credit Bluebell Atlantic Group
Boiler // Credit Bluebell Atlantic Group


The lining out for the cab side sheets has been completed by hand. All the wooden floorboards for the cab’s floor have been cut and laid in place, further work underneath the boards prevents them from being fully fitted at the moment.

Cab Floor // Credit Bluebell Atlantic Group
Cab Floor // Credit Bluebell Atlantic Group


Contractors have finished most of their work in building the new tender for “Beachy Head”. This shell will be delivered to the Bluebell Railway where the team can start to construct a complete tender. Many smaller parts have been produced for the tender.

For more information or to support the group, please visit their website here.

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