Mid-May Update on steam locomotives 9351

Almost Complete Smokebox // Credit WSR
Almost Complete Smokebox // Credit WSR

Great Western Railway Small Mogul No.9351 has seen further since the last update from the End of April.


All components bar the chimney, blower ring and chimney bell have been refitted in the smokebox.

The chimney is brand new, which has only arrived from casting recently.

It needs holes drilled, copper cap fitted and painting before it will be attached to the smokebox. The blower ring just needs fixing in place.

Newly Cast Chimney // Credit WSR
Newly Cast Chimney Credit WSR

Motion and Cylinders

The driver’s side motion is being prepared for a bump test. This test measures the distance between the piston head face and the covers at the end of each stroke.

Adjustments can then be made if necessary. Cylinder oil has been used to bed in the newly machined bore and piston head.

Piston Head inside Cylinder Bore // Credit WSR
Piston Head inside Cylinder Bore // Credit WSR

Cab and Brakes

Copper piping and other components are starting to return to the cab. The process of annealing, heating and then slowly cooling the pipework, reduces the risk of the pipes cracking in service. This is then followed by polishing.

The pair of adjustment turnbuckles for the brakes have each received two new nuts. The turnbuckles are held in place by one nut having a left-hand thread and the other having a right-hand thread.

Cab // Credit WSR

For more information on or to support the overhaul of 9351, please visit the West Somerset Railway’s website here</

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