WATCH: New trains arrive into Blackpool


Northern‘s new Class 195 has made a trip to Blackpool North on test ahead of their rollout into passenger service.

These tests follows tests between Manchester and Carnforth and Warrington and Lancaster. They also follow the introduction of 319s to Blackpool as well as Virgin Pendolinos.

Now, two of the trains, built by CAF in Spain, has rolled into Platform 6 of Blackpool North right on time.

This is a step closer to finalising the future of rail travel in and out of Blackpool and the Fylde Coast.

Why is a diesel train heading onto electrified lines? Simply because the whole of the Northern network is not electrified and means these trains are perfect to catering for passengers around the network.

195 arriving into Blackpool
Credit: Nodrog

New locations are also on the cards, like reinstalling the York service, and a possible route to Scarborough. Rumours have also circulated about possible express services from Windermere to Wigan via Preston to meet up with Bolton, Leeds and other cross-Pennine services.

All of this will be clarified this year as the extra trains come into passenger trains.
What do you think about these new trains, let us know below!

Thanks to Nodrog for the video. See his YouTube Channel here and his website here.

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  1. Northern will soon be introducing the Class 195 and Class 331 in service from Spring or Summer this year. With CAF to manufacture the Class 196 Civity Diesel units for West Midlands Trains that will replace the Class 170 Turbostar units to other rail operators such as TfW Rail and Northern. With pacer trains to be phased out throughout 2019-2020 and 2020 beyond as more new trains will be built to replace the older trains.

  2. Come on Northern. Just get these new Class 195 and Class 331 Civity units in passenger service and stop messing around with more strikes happening.

    That you have caused so much misery and dispare to every commuter and passengers using Northern with endless delays and cancellations to almost every train service in the North of England.

    It’s to me to sort it out Northern. Or get stripped from running your services that you have failed to provide.

    Can the government please take over this troublesome rubbish train operator please and fix the problem for passengers to enjoy without having to deal with the monstrosity.


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