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Angel Trains to offer Pacers to heritage railways and emergency services

Angel Trains has announced that it has plans to offer Class 142 pacer trains to heritage railways and the emergency services following their withdrawal from service with Northern.

New trains for Nottingham arrive EARLY!

Northern has announced that it has introduced two of their new Class 195 diesel trains between Leeds, Sheffield and Nottingham, one week ahead of the proposed introduction!

More trains from Middlesborough to Whitby from Northern

Northern has announced that they are to introduce more train services to help passengers between Middlesbrough and Whitby.

Boxing Day train services from Northern in Skipton, Bradford and Bolton

Festive train passengers will be able to travel across the North this Boxing Day thanks to Northern's announcement of services on three routes.

New trains from Northern for Lincoln and East Midlands

On Wednesday 4th of December 2019, Northern announced that the Lincoln, Gainsborough, Worksop, and Nottingham lines are receiving brand-new trains.

Christmas timetable announced for West Yorkshire rail passengers

Yesterday (Wednesday, 3rd December), Network Rail and Northern have announced their final plans for rail services on the 27th, 28th and the 29th December. These plans allow major improvement work to commence at Leeds station.

First Pacers depart Northern FOR GOOD!

Northern has announced that it has withdrawn the first three pacers permanently. These have now left the Northern network for good.

MAJOR DISRUPTION: Delays at York until the end of the day

National Rail has announced that some of the electric wires in the York area have been damaged and is causing significant disruption for passengers passing through the station.

DO NOT TRAVEL: Railway electric wires SNAP near Lancaster – UPDATED

A broken down train between Preston and Lancaster is resulting in some lines being blocked between the two stations.

New timetables from Northern for Lincoln Christmas Markets

Northern has announced that it is tweaking some timetables to help get passengers in Lincoln into the Christmas spirit.

EXCLUSIVE: The Duke – The Impossible Dream – Past, Present and...

Following on from this, we are delighted to announce that we have been contacted by The BR Class 8 Steam Locomotive Trust and they have provided us with an exclusive update on the history of the project, written by Trevor Tuckley. The update below is in its original unedited version