Winter maintenance of steam locomotives at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway

926 Repton
Credit: Nick Simpson / Grosmont MPD News - The Original

As the last train of the daily running season arrives back at Grosmont, work still continues down at the sheds, with winter maintenance beginning ahead of next seasons running.

Southern Railway ‘Schools’ Class No. 926 Repton was the first locomotive to enter the workshops for this year’s maintenance.

After sterling performance this year between Whitby and Pickering, the locomotive has come into the works for tyre turning. The aim of tyre turning is to even wear on the wheels of the locomotive and to also prevent wheel flats (caused by bends and slipping in wet weather).

BR Standard 4 No. 76079 is currently also in Grosmont MPD. This locomotive has also given a season of sterling performance between Whitby and Pickering and is now in the works for the usual strip and measure ahead of pulling passengers next year.

Finally, Standard 4 Tank 80136 is the third locomotive currently in the works. Giving passengers the delight of steam traction between Grosmont and Pickering is hard work, and over the winter this locomotive will be taking a well-earned break. The aim of it being in the works is to have the rear wheel set to be taken out and checked before being put back in before the start of the new season.

As with most heritage railways, most of the work undertaken on the railway is done so thanks to donations and volunteers. If you would like to help on the railway, then please click here to learn more about volunteering. If you can’t volunteer, you can also help the railway by donating some spare money. Click here to learn more about donating.

Our thanks go to Nick Simpson of the Grosmont MPD News – The Original Facebook Group for allowing us to the use the image and information found in this article. Click here to join the group and keep up to date with behind the scenes action at the NYMR.

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