Travel chaos continues as 1 in 5 trains still late or cancelled on Northern Rail or GTR train services

Class 68 diesel locomotives to take over the cumbrian coast line from monday
Credit: Martin Taylor

Rail Union, RMT, has today announced that one in five GTR and Northern Rail trains are still late or cancelled despite a timetable change this morning.

The rail union has also repeated its call for both train operators to have their franchises taken off of them as this morning’s performances show 1 in five are late or cancelled, despite the emergency timetables already having removed a bunch of train services, such as the Lakes Line.

This mornings delay is well shared on social media and takes the timetable troubles into a fourth week, with no showing that it’s going to be fixed anytime soon.

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What did the officials say?

‎RMT General Secretary, Mick Cash said:

“There is a real danger that the timetable chaos we have seen unleashed across both the north and the south by these incompetent private train companies fades from the headlines and just becomes accepted as the norm with both Chris Grayling and his contractors let off the hook. It is important that that is not allowed to happen.

“It is clear as day that both Govia and Arriva are in breach of their franchise terms by any reasonable measure and to allow this shambles to just stagger on is wholly unacceptable.

“Both these cowboy outfits should be stripped of their franchises with the public sector given a chance to run the services based on the principles of safety, reliability and accessibility and not private greed.”


  1. Interesting fact from Saturday on GTR. Normally from Knebworth to London there are 24 trains between 10am – 10pm, (every 30 minutes). The amended timetable was 12 (1 an hour). Actual during this time 4! This is the same amount of trains in each direction as Kildonan in Scotland which is the 5th quietest station in the UK which has a reported 76 passengers a year.


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