Llangollen Railway take delivery of water tank to refill steam locomotives at Corwen

Corwen Water Tank
Credit: Llangollen Railway

The Llangollen Railway has announced that they have taken delivery of a water tank for use at Corwen railway station.

The water tank is the latest stage of the Corwen Central Railway Development Project.

The water tank was delivered by road from Barnett Engineering Ltd in Rhosllanerchrugog and the installation of the water tank took place on Tuesday the 12th of June 2018.

At five tonnes, this is a heavy piece of equipment. The tank holds 2,000 gallons of water to easily replenish the tanks of a steam locomotive.

The structure is built to modern standards including fabrication and welding methods that meet today’s standards. However, it still retains the appearance of a heritage piece of equipment.

What did the officials say?

A Llangollen Railway spokesman said:

“This latest addition to the railway facilities is now a major feature on the Corwen site and a further statement of our intent to complete the terminus station.

During a slick two-hour operation, the complete assembly of water tank and its supporting column was off-loaded, pulled erect and lifted on to the base of a previously prepared foundation plinth. With the access stairs and swivel water delivery arm attached, this new item of infrastructure stands at the eastern end of platform 2 and will service locomotives standing on either of the loop lines. A trial filling of water must await the construction of a sump and drain away, once the borehole water supply is connected.”

“Installation of this new item of heritage railway equipment has only been possible through the generous donations from members and supporters who have raised £17,000 in funding as a major contribution to the project to provide a water supply for locomotives at the new terminus. Work to complete the station and its facilities continues with the next stage concentrating on building the platform 1 wall during the summer. An opening of the Corwen station in 2019 remains dependent on the acquisition of resources in terms of materials, manpower and finance and continued support is necessary if we are to achieve that aim.”

Speaking for Barnett Engineering Ltd, Managing Director, Steve Barnett, said:

“When we were asked to construct this steam-age item of equipment we thought it a little unusual, but the job was accepted as a challenge. However, it proved well within our capacity to design and manufacture and we are pleased to see the completed job delivered to Corwen where it will be installed at the new station site.”


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