Steam locomotive ‘Lord Phil’ arrives at the Epping Ongar Railway

Lord Phil arrives at the Epping Ongar Railway
Credit: Epping Ongar Railway

The Epping Ongar Railway, in south-west Essex, has announced that steam locomotive, ‘Lord Phil’, has arrived at the heritage railway for the 2018 season.

About Lord Phil

‘Lord Phil’ was built in 1944 for the War Department and is one of the large types of 485 Austerity locomotives. They were mainly built for the military and industrial use. The locomotive was originally built as Hunslet 2868.

In 1962, it was given a new lease of life and was rebuilt as Hunslet 3883 as a trial for the Hunslet underfeed stoker and gas producer combustion system. The locomotive was also used for dynamometer car trials in 1963.

Some of this type of locomotive, though not Lord Phil, was bought by the London North Eastern Railway and saw use locally around East London.

Lord Phil’s visit to the Epping Ongar Railway

The locomotive joins the Epping Ongar Railway for the remainder of the 2018 season and possibly will stay longer.

The locomotive is also more powerful than an LMS ‘Jinty’ or GWR ‘Pannier’. This means that the locomotive should prove more capable on the peak season trains.

Running dates for the locomotive will be advertised on the locomotive roster page on the Epping Ongar Railway website.


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