Class 504 Preservation Society – 21st April 2018 Working Party update

Class 504 Preservation Society
Credit: Class 504 Preservation Society

The Class 504 Preservation Society have released a quick update as to what work went on during their Working Party on the 21st April 2018.

This working party only had one member today, Paul. Can you help out with restoring this multiple unit? Get in touch with the Society via the Facebook page here.

This weekend, the society had a look round the unit to make sure it is safe for the movement of the unit into Baron Street works, at the East Lancashire Railway, next week (coverage of this here). Paul then carried on with cleaning and painting the chassis – this is a long old job!

A painstakingly long and dirty job, but the chassis looks all the better after his hard work. Just one chassis side remains left to be done now, and then it will be on to the cleaning of the pipework, before painting them in the correct colours.

Also, various valves need to be taken off to allow them to be overhauled, as these haven’t seen use or attention in a good few years.

How can I help?

Again, if you can help restore this multiple unit, get in touch via their website (below) or Facebook – help is gratefully received.


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