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Regulator’s review leads to cut in maximum fee for ticket refunds

After the regulator found that it costs train operators and ticket retailers…

Janine Booth avatar Janine Booth

Travel advice released as train drivers go on strike

Travel advice released ahead of April strike action

Mark Wilson avatar Mark Wilson

Cornwall to receive £50m in public transport funding

Major investment scheme announced for a new Cornish metro system

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Tap-and-go tickets arriving on Liverpool’s railway this year

London-style ticketing system set to be introduced

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Higher penalty fares introduced by Transport for London

TfL had increased its penalty fare from £80 to £100 in its…

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ScotRail running trials of advanced ticket machine

ScotRail is carrying out trials of a new type of ticket vending…

Roger Smith avatar Roger Smith

Improvement to smart train tickets as cloud system introduced

Rail Delivery Group's move to support smart ticketing through the Unicard Host…

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Trainline reaches 25 years of online ticket operation

TheTrainline.com has reached it 25th anniversary since it started selling online train…

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Virgin Trains Ticketing celebrates Richard Trevithick with free train travel

Free train travel is being made available from Virgin Trains Ticketing, as…

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Rail industry responds as ‘blueprint’ for the future of British rail is published

Great British Railways moved a step closer as a draft bill outlined…

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