Reopening of the Severn Valley Railway – Share Your Opinion with the Railway

Severn Valley Railway opens survey asking public about reopening after COVID 19
Credit: Langton Photography

The Severn Valley Railway (SVR) is asking for your opinion in regards to reopening their heritage line.

Since the UK lockdown was put in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in Late March, the Severn Valley Railway, like every other preserved railway, has been closed to the public.

Two months later in late May, with a peak in positive case, many shops are reopening, with the important questions of when should heritage railways reopen?

At the last bank holiday weekend, the Nene Valley Railway had their refreshment kiosk at Overton Station open, with social distancing measure in place. Although a small step, vital income could be earned to help support the railway as a whole.

Severn Valley Railway opens survey asking public about reopening after COVID 19
Credit: Langton Photography

With reopening slowly becoming more likely, the SVR is asking for your opinion. There are many issues to consider, from social distancing to cleaning of rolling stock.

To help the SVR in this process, you can fill out their survey here.

In the meantime, you can help support the Severn Valley Railway in a number of ways, from purchasing items from their online shop to adopting steam and diesel engines based on the line.

For more information or to support the Severn Valley Railway, please visit their website here.

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  1. Hello yes I’m in agreement with the railway reopening I’m very interested in steam engines I love to see them and travel on them

  2. It would be good to get all heritage lines running again but policing distancing etc to keep customers safe will be challenging. I would guess using compartment stock where possible for families may be a good way forward. Insisting on face marks and using sanitiser on all who enter the site, another. Good luck and i hope to be able to travel soon.

  3. Providing social distances are in place yes reopen, in coaches with open compartments seating could be staggered with alternate seating taped off, compartment coaches 1 family per compartment.

  4. Yes I think attractions such as yours absolutely SHOULD open now because people need somewhere to go, as long as there are other “offices ” are available and we are all sensible.

  5. Hello,
    It will be good for SVR and the public when it reopens.
    I’m a little disappointed that SVR decided to put up their prices significantly at this stage. The Family ticket has increased by over 20%, the day ticket is now nearly out of reach for families.
    I would have thought that they would have kept their prices affordable and slowly increased the prices as the economy and job security was established.

  6. I think only pre booked seats can make sure of social distancing and avoid any disappointment of arriving and being refused entry to a train journey. Looking forward to reopening.

  7. With the steam railway fifty years old the SVR SHOULD REOPEN I WAS IN THE AREA AND REMEMBERING THE OPENING IN MAY 1970 GOOD TO GET THE SEVERN VALLEY RAILWy to reopen again

  8. I cannot see how they can reopen with the 2 metre rule still in force. It would be impossible to restrict the numbers of passengers getting on at every station.

  9. It will be good to see the SVR open again soon. However, unless SVR can reliably put social distancing rules in place and enforce it then I would want a ticket refund!

  10. I am hoping to book a Sunday lunch for September the 20 th for 4 people as it is our 50 th wedding anniversary on Saturday the 19 th so yes we all like the svr and all that goes on there it’s a great set up

  11. Yes I would like to see the railway reopened as Iam a volunteer at Kidderminster……………As I enjoy being there and working there………

  12. I can’t understand or now wy they need too open up yet I think it still to risky as we are still social distanceing and virus can still spread to other people so why can’t they wait until the virus has completely gone.

  13. You could have a restriction to each coach on how meny people can bored that one coach. If the trains are made longer you could have one family miss a seat section next family and do the oposite on the other side of the train. You need to open train services and shops and the engine house but maybe no restrants when you first open up. I think this because if you dont have public income coming in then the railway wont stay alive and will close down. We cant rely on donations to get us up to 4 million pounds alone. Please open the railway for the public to come and enjoy. Also more money will come in to the railway if people can actually go and see it and pay up front for the experience of the past. I also want to take my grandad back to hamton loade for his next birthday. Opening the line will be a great step forwards in the right direction. Its an idea you wont regret.

  14. Best to concentrate on the Autumn steam Gala September , things should have settled down by then and will be far safer .

  15. Yes, we would all like to see the SVR running again as long as we can adhere to the social distancing rules that are needed at the time. Unfortunately there is no accounting, or controlling of the selfish members of public who choose to ignore the advice that is laid down for us, presumably they think, but I doubt they are able to, they know better. We have a very responsible management running our railway and I am confident that when we reopen it will be as safe as it will be humanly possible to do so. Yes I am a volunteer and would like the SVR open but common sense prevails and whilst we still have no antidote to Covid 19, we should not be lulled into a false sense of security because it appears it might be under some control. Be patient!

  16. Social distancing would rely on people not passing each other in open coaches – difficult if someone wants to get off at an intermediate station. Biggest problem is a deep clean at each end before different people occupy seats, will there be enough volunteers to do this?

    • All our railways should open providing they do everything possible to make it safe and enjoyable.COVID 19 HAS CHANGED EVERYTHING
      our railways will have to adapt accordingly and so
      will all visitors. Our railways bring so much pleasure
      to so many people. I am sure this will still be the case. So yes let’s open ASAP.

  17. all trains run on a relaxed timetable,boarding to done in an organized fashion,queue for train no pre boarding,run non stop bridgenorth to kidderminster all detrain.same for return pre booked first then ad hoc passengers distance by selling compartments to families only.

  18. Yes reopen and use common sense. The nation is becoming obsessed with keeping apart, not touching, will I catch Covid -19 if I’m too near someone? Reality and normality has to return and the sooner the better. How long do we leave it, September? what is magical about that month? Start slowly now and see what happens. Remember 67 million people do not have Covid-19!

  19. Probably best to re open in late July early August. 2 Metre public distancing is quite impossible to implement safely but with 1 metre and face masks as per other public transport I don’t see a problem for last week in July and August. Not much point running trains 25% loaded, and how exactly do you distance driver and fireman 2M on a 45XX Prairie tank?

  20. They have stated that tickets will probably have to be pre-booked in order to keep social distancing possible and that there will be staff to police things so it won’t be just turn up and have a ride.


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