East Somerset Railway Cranmore Station and Museum Work Finished

completed roof and platform
Credit: East somerset railway

The East Somerset Railway has announced that refurbishment and construction work on their Museum building and platform has been completed.

Outside, contractors, Wells Roofing have done a fantastic job of restoring the roof & chimney, and platform two surfacing were both finished just before the COVID-19 update.

Resurfacing work was completed in time to allow the volunteers to fit station items like lamps, along with building a retaining wall before the first weekend of passenger trains back in March.

Inside the museum building, extensive repairs or replacement has taken place on the many of floors, ceilings and electrics throughout the building, bring them up to date and fit for services for many more years.

Resurfaced Platform // Credit ESR
Resurfaced Platform // Credit ESR

Outstanding Tasks

The waiting room requires more attention, with a window needing replacement and new supporting beam to be manufactured.

Walls and ceilings are having wallpaper and paint removed to assess their conditions before redecoration can begin.

For more information or to support the East Somerset Railway, please visit their website here.

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  1. The East Somerset Railway (which I myself hope to visit/check it out ‘in-person’ someday) has Done A Jolly Good Job so far on this latest project of theirs.

    I always knew the ESR (at Cranmore) would eventually rebuild Platform 2 of their Cranmore railway station – especially as part of their project that includes extensive work on their own Museum, Infrastructures and Waiting Room too… Especially to Potentially ease the amount of passengers along both platforms of Cranmore train station.

    Even though it won’t happen anytime soon (or for some years to come) I wonder if the ESR might have a footbridge on their Cranmore train station… someday perhaps.

    It’s Quite A Disappointing Pity the late great David Shepherd (whom no longer with us) isn’t around to see this… Surely he’d be quite proud to see how well the ESR have been doing in recent years.

    Also, I still hope the ESR still Aim on Extending Westwards slightly closer to Shepton Mallet someday?… I hope so…

    Oh and maybe the ESR could potentially extend Eastwards as far as A Possible Cranmore (East) country halt – just before the triangular junction near that Merehead Quarry.

    Furthermore, the East Somerset Railway (which is my book, one of the most-well preserved Heritage Railways across the UK) has come A Surprisingly long way since the beginning of it’s part within UK Preservation and since it first became A Heritage Railway too.

    A Jolly Well Done to the ESR on this project of theirs by the way.

  2. The East Somerset Railway has A so-called Cranmore West halt… just a few yards from the Exact Cranmore train station…

    Surely – They could potentially consider A Cranmore East halt – to the East of the ESR’s headquarters someday… To give this well-preserved West Country Heritage Railway…
    A slightly longer run someday.

    I myself… check the ESR and other Heritage Railways/Transport Museums through Google Maps/Bing Maps from time to time.

    I’ve even included this in mi own cleverly creative own maps of various Heritage Railway routes – as part of one mi own hobbies.


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