Churnet Valley Railway urges public to stop trespassing on its tracks

Trespassing on the Churnet Valley Railway

The Churnet Valley Railway (CVR) has warned the public to keep off their tracks and property, with instances of trespassing rising during the lockdown.

Unfortunately, some people have broken the law and risked their own and other’s safety during the COVID-19 by walking on the CVR’s property and tracks.

Although you may think it’s safe as the railway is closed, trains still run for maintenance and security reasons, along with other safety risks such as tripping on equipment. Many areas of the railway are also hard to gain access to in the event you injury yourself and need medical assistance, which also adds unnecessary work to the NHS while handling COVID-19 patients along with possible loss of life.

On top of this, some trespassers can cause damage, with the railway having to pay for repairs in most cases. Many gates and fences are in place to stop the public from gaining access. Only open and pass through gates where signs state and don’t cross or break fences to gain access.

As well as the Churnet Valley Railway, many other heritage railways have seen trespassing and damage across their lines with people not following COVID-19 lockdown advice. The message is clear, keep off both tracks and railway property to protect yourself, others and not add unnecessary work for the NHS.

For more information or to support the Churnet Valley Railway, please visit their website here.

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  1. Honestly, I really can’t believe such foolish bleeders are typically trespassing upon Well-Restored Heritage Train Tracks.

    Whoever these people are (whom have dared to trespass/let alone risk their ‘quite vulnerable’ lives) really ought to be ashamed of themselves for doing such a very Dangerous thing to do.

    I am sorry to hear the Churnet Valley Railway are having to deal with this issue – the same time this Country’s Bravely going through during this dreary/yet bloody awful period.

    My sincere apology for the mild language, It’s because I really, really can’t believe trespass upon Heritage Train Tracks is occurring much too often, (It needs to be dealt with).

    What’s worse is that this is happening during Lockdown, Just because the CVR/this ”Eagerly-Must-Visit” ex-Cross Country Heritage Railway isn’t running any of it’s own fleet of trains along it’s Well-Restored Rails of the Tracks anytime soon, That Doesn’t ever dare mean trespassing bleeders have such an excuse of a right to ever dare do so what-so-ever.

  2. Furthermore,

    It is very, very Dangerous as most Heritage Railways may still be actively running quite privately, Despite no passenger train journeying rides up and down each of these remarkably Well-Preserved Railway lines.

    Also, My heart still goes to to this Spectacular Staffordshire Railway Heritage Attraction, it’s fleet of locos, it’s volunteers, it’s own people/groups and to those out there in-between.

    I still do hope to hopefully visit this ex-Cross Country Heritage Railway (which runs/sandwiched en-route between Canal and River – hence it’s name CVR) ‘in-person’ someday… For A Train Ride up and down the line and to check it out in-between, someday.

  3. Why do kids and young people ignore the Coronavirus lockdown and they are just messing around and being silly. Including when trespassing onto the railway tracks. It really does make me feel so angry and horrified. 😡


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