RAIB to investigate after cement wagon derails near Clitheroe

Derailed railway wagon at Horrocksford Junction near Clitheroe
Credit: RAIB

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The Rail Accident Investigation Branch has announced that it will be investigating an incident involving a runaway railway wagon near Clitheroe.

Around 08:20 on 9th March 2020, a wagon loaded with cement powder, ran away from a siding located within Hanson Cement Works in Clitheroe.

The wagon left the works on the downhill line towards Horrocksford Junction, where the cement works connects with the line from Blackburn to Hellifield.

As the wagon ran away, it broke through the gates at the exit of the cement works and ran over a level crossing. This caused two cars to stop, the wagon then passed over an open crossing on a private road – neither of which had its manual warning equipment switched on before the wagon passed over.

When the wagon reached Horrocksford Junction, the wagon derailed on the trap points (these worked as intended). The wagon stopped clear of the mainline and no trains were nearby when the derailment occurred.

The RAIB’s investigation will identify the events leading up to the accident. The RAIB will consider any factors relevant to the design of the wagon’s braking system.

The RAIB will publish the findings of the report in the near future.

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  1. Handbrake not applied, holding residual air brake leaked off, falling gradient, wagon rolls, loaded, kinetic energy builds up…..someone has blundered!


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