Casting Begins for New Palmers Bridge for Bluebell Railway 

Smoothing the Concrete // Credit Clive Whitcroft
Smoothing the Concrete // Credit Clive Whitcroft

The team at the Bluebell Railway have been casting sections for the new Palmers Bridge.

Palmer Bridge provides access for a local farm to travel between their fields, although the current bridge is still structural sound when inspected, track relay is due to take place soon.

The line, therefore, wishes to take advantage of the track relay to replace parts of the bridge, reducing downtime in the future and forming a bridge which should last for many decades to come.

Filling Mould with Concrete // Credit Clive Whitcroft
Filling Mould with Concrete // Credit Clive Whitcroft

The new sections of the bridge, which will be reinforced concrete, are being cast at the line, with the concrete being delivered ready mixed.

The team used pokers to ensure the concrete spread evenly in the mould, followed by smoothing the top and then leaving the concrete to set inside one of the sheds. So far one deck plate and sill beam have been cast.

For more information or to support the Bluebell Railway, please visit their website here.

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