Brand new Merseyrail train arrives at test track

Merseyrail train
Credit: Merseyrail

Another milestone has been met in the build of the new trains for Merseyrail.

The first new train has been making its way to a test track in Germany for dynamic testing, following successful static testing and ‘sign off’ at Stadler’s factory last week.

This testing will see the train travel up to speeds of 75 mph, with all dynamic aspects such as braking point and electromagnetic radiation thoroughly tested.

Most of the testing is being undertaken at an established railway testing centre in Wildenrath to minimise the need for testing and any disruption on the Merseyrail network itself.

The first unit should arrive in the UK in December and will be stabled at Kirkdale as a base for further testing and to allow for driver training.

The trains will begin to be rolled out into passenger service from 2020.

What did the officials say?

Steve Rotheram, Metro Mayor for the Liverpool City Region, said:

I’m pleased to see us moving another step closer to rolling out state-of-the art, accessible, publicly-owned trains on our network. The new trains are an important part of my plans to deliver a London-style transport network for the Liverpool City Region and I can’t wait to see them in service from next year.

David Powell, the Liverpool City Region’s new trains programme director, added:

“With each engineering milestone we’re getting closer to seeing these trains on our network. These trains are not only being keenly awaited by people in our city region but also by rail experts, aware of how game-changing these trains are for the industry.”

Matthias Hämmerle, project manager for Stadler, commented:

“These trains for the Liverpool City Region, are not ‘off the shelf’, but tailored to a very specific brief. Securing the acceptance of static testing for the first assembled train is a proud day for both our customer and everyone else involved. We look forward to continued working with our partners in Liverpool on the next stages of the project”.

Andy Heath from Merseyrail added:

“This is a really significant stage in the process where trains are now ready to undergo testing before they start to make their way over to Liverpool. These trains, with pioneering technology and features throughout, will transform the rail offering in the Liverpool City Region and we look forward to our passengers experiencing these state-of-the-art trains from 2020.”

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  1. About time that Merseyrail are replacing the Class 507 & Class 508 units as they are over 40 years old. And the Class 777 will be dual voltage+battery operational.

    Which is ideal for the Class 777s to operate on shorter journeys that are not electrified. And could be ideal for shunting and moving whilst at the depot.


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