Latest news on the Llangollen Corwen extension

Wheelchair lift at Corwen
Credit: PR

The Llangollen Railway has released an update on the Corwen project, which is heading towards completion.

The heatwave arrived at the beginning of the month, with temperatures soaring. This didn’t stop the Corwen workforce, which has been busy finishing off the entrance and exit of the ticket office, laying draining pipes and preparing for the installation of the wheelchair lift.

The workforce has been busy helping the station master, Wayne Ronneback, to prepare access to the ticket office by installing ramps and paving.

Also, at long last, the wheelchair lift has arrived and has been installed by Stannah Contractors. The lift will accommodate one wheelchair user. It will be operated by station staff and when not in use, it will be covered by an all-weather cover and will be folded up at the bottom of the staircase.

As part of the development, drainage grids have been positioned on the west end of the platform to carry water away,

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  • That’s Surely Good News

    The Llangollen (& Corwen) Railway are really doing a successful job on this project, especially to include Wheelchair/Stairlift access as part of their New Terminus Station at Colourful Corwen itself.

    Keep up the Good Work you lot.

  • It also comes to show … Most Heritage Railways (especially the Llangollen ”& Corwen” Railway itself) really do care about those whom need/require the helping hand of wheelchair/stairlift access in-between … to enter a station platform, let alone marvel the majestic sight of whether Steam (or/and Heritage Diesel) locomotives … Not to mention the classic Slam-Door Carriage Trains in tow/at the rear.