Reedham Junction Signal Box appeal launched

Reedham Junction railway signal box
Credit: North Norfolk Railway

The North Norfolk Railway has announced that they have launched an appeal that will see Reedham Junction Signal Box repainted and reassembly.

Reedham Junction is the largest complete timber signal box left in East Anglia offering the opportunity to relocate it as a complete unit.

Volunteers have already started dismantling the mechanical and electrical equipment and placing it into storage ready for the move.

However, the railway needs funds to build a new base for it at Holt and to cover the associated craneage and haulage.

On top of this, there is the restoration and repairs plus a full repaint to be done before we can reassemble the signalling equipment.

The appeal launched is worth around £35,000, and the NNR is inviting the public to be part of the project by donating.

So far, there is nearly a third raised, and with your help, it will help complete this major project.

To donate, please get in touch with the North Norfolk Railway by clicking here.

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  1. I’d like to wish the NNR Good Luck on this Fundraising Appeal, Hopefully this’ll be 100 percent successful.

    I must say, that signal box (at Reedham Junction) really is one mighty big timber signal box.

    This sure does have the potential of finding a new lease of life within Preservation.

  2. Does the NNR really need another out of service signal box? This would make 3, the same number that are in use. The Reedham box is large and will look out of place on the cramped Holt site which already has a working box.

    The idea is to demonstrate signaling but do you need a 60 lever frame to do that? Most members of the public are happy pulling just 1 or 2 levers so a ground frame would do. To do the job properly, would mean manning the box. The NNR like most preserved railways is always looking for more volunteers and this feature will just add to the demand on their services. There is a very big risk of there not being enough available and the box ending up being shut most of the time.

    It would be nice to think that as preserved railways have become more professional, they would have got out of the habit of collecting everything going but unfortunately this does not seem to be the case. The Reedham box type isn’t unique with other preserved examples at Wroxham and NNRs own Sheringham West.

    The Cromer box is under NNR control and is already capable to providing a good demonstration of signalling but does not open very often probably because of lack of volunteers. Why not save money and reopen the existing Sheringham East box to the public. Use what you’ve already got and raise money for something else such as building a waiting room on Sheringham platform 2.


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