Help the Bala Lake Railway to fund repairs to its Signal Box

Llanuwchllyn Signal Box
Credit: RailAdvent

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The Bala Lake Railway has launched an appeal to raise money for the cost of repairs to its Llanuwchllyn Signal Box.

This signal box is a rare G.W.R. Type 5 box and houses the last G.W.R. double twist lever frame still signalling passenger trains on its original site.

The signal box is routinely open on operational days for visitors to the narrow gauge line to visit.

Currently, the main problem with the building is rot. At the station end, the boards on the gable need complete replacement as does the corner post supporting the roof.

The steps up to the signal box also needs to be replaced, repairs are also needed to the door and windows need heavy repair/replacement.

It is proposed that repairs are undertaken using hardwood that will last for future years to come.

Work will be completed by the BLR’s carpentry team.

Once the work is completed, the box will need a repaint, and the brickwork will need re-pointing. Finally, the box will receive a GWR nameboard.

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  1. Well I Must Say … The Bala Lake Railway (whom I’ve yet to hopefully visit ‘in-person’ one day) is not only home to a Quarry Hunslet,

    Having read through on what I’ve recently learnt about this Historic Llanuwchllyn Signal Box … The BLR is also home to the last remaining ”Rare G.W.R Type 5 double twist lever frame signal box” – even within the UK Preservation Movement.

    It’s Historically Amazing to learn and discover what else this ”Eagerly-Must-Visit” Award Winning Narrow guage Railway is also home to, as well as A Quarry Hunslet or 2 …. let alone know that most signal boxes upon various other Heritage Railways sure do have completely different frame formats in-between.

  2. Furthermore …. I’d also like to Wish the Award Winning (also soon to eventually be extended) BLR Good Luck on this Fundraising Project … to Painstakingly Renovate/Restore this Rare Historic Welsh ex-G.W.R Lever-Frame Station Signal Box to it’s rightfully former glory and working state too.


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