LNER offers 50% discount to Ryanair customers

LNER HST at Grantham
Credit: 125 Group

London North Eastern Railway has announced that they will be offering a discount to Ryanair passengers.

This announcement follows on from Ryanair’s announcement that they will be reducing the number of flights from Edinburgh to London.

LNER will be offering a 50% discount to keep Ryanair customers moving between the two capitals.

LNER run 25 trains every week day between Edinburgh and London.

Anyone who holds a Ryanair booking confirmation for flights to and from London or Edinburgh can take advantage of this special discount.

Benefits of train travel:

  • Delicious hot and cold food served onboard
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • No limits for your liquids
  • Exceptional views of the east coast countryside
  • But most importantly arriving straight into the city centre!

If you are booked on a Ryanair flight, between the 15 May to 28 June, you are eligible for this discount.

Train tickets must be booked before 23.59 on 30 April.

Find out more about this offer and how to save here.

The discounted fares will be available for bookings of up to nine people.

What did the officials say?

LNER Commercial Director Suzanne Donnelly said:

“We know how important it is for people to reach their destination, which is why we’re offering to help Ryanair passengers who want to keep their planned trip on track”

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  • Why is LNER offering 50% off to Ryanair customers. What about the passengers who use LNER that could also save 50% of their journey from London to Edinburgh and Yorkshire.

  • Ryanair is rubbish. They started doing flights to & from London Southend Airport and now LNER is having competition with Ryanair. It’s actually pathetic on why a train operator would want to compete with such a rubbish airline company that have failed so many times. Ryanair shouldn’t even exist.

  • Although not in total agreement with this deal I do understand that in Business it is “Dog eat Dog”. If this overall gets additional business for L.N.E.R. then this will be viewed as a success. Like a previous comment I would like to see an offer for the general user and by that I do mean all users frequent and others.
    Come on Suzanne Donnelly I am convinced with your expertise you are able to come up with something.