c2c tops punctuality league table

c2c // Credit: Railway News
c2c // Credit: Railway News

Train operator, c2c, has announced that they have named the UK’s best train operator under the toughest-ever punctuality measures used by the rail industry.

Using the new On Time measure, reported by Network Rail, trains are assessed on their arrival time within 60 seconds of every stop of their journey.

Over the past year, 82.4% of c2c trains arrived on time, far exceeding the average 63.4% punctuality across the UK as a whole.

In March alone, c2c’s performance was even better with 86.0% of trains arriving on time.

What did the officials say?

c2c Managing Director Julian Drury said:

“At c2c we strive to provide our customers with the punctual and reliable service they expect from us. That’s why we’re extremely proud these statistics show that c2c continues to be the most punctual train operator in the UK, no matter how tough the metric is. This is only possible through the daily dedication and hard work of all the team at c2c.”

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  1. But when using c2c. All you get as a commuter or passenger is remains of being sick on floors and seats, people leaving trash on seats and other disgusting things that people leave behind for the cleaners to clean up or to leave it as it is. I think it’s disgraceful that c2c is allowing this to continue. Not just punctuality. They have let most commuters down with all the disgusting things that they have to endure when traveling on c2c. It’s just disgraceful.

  2. I can understand the disenchantment over the condition of the trains, but this is yet another sad reflection on people’s standards today. One needs to consider the journeys covered by c2c: outer areas predominently commuter in peaks, the rest of the world in between-this includes shoppers, students, seasiders and a lot of outer London passengers, Barking, East Ham etc, who represent a whole range of society, some of whom have little awareness or concern for their (our) environment sadly.
    For me, the fact that c2c is getting something right is good news.


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