Photos as Class 50 locomotives return to the mainline

50049 and 50014 through Ealing Broadway
Credit: Charlie Greasley

GB Railfreight Class 50s, 50007 (as 50014) and 50049 returned to the mainline yesterday, Saturday 23rd March 2019, following their transformation into GBRf livery.

Following the transformation, 50007 (50014) and 50049 were booked to haul the 50 Terminator – Phoenixed from London Paddington to Penzance, promoted by Pathfinder Tours.

Thanks to Charlie Greasley, we have been able to share with you these incredible images.

Firstly, based at Ealing Broadway, we see GBRf BR Large Logo liveried Class 66 No.66789 pass through the station with the ECS movement for the tour from Eastleigh Arlington to London Paddington. The movement passed through the station 23 minutes late due to a delay at Hanwell Loop.

Class 66 No.66789
Credit: Charlie Greasley

Next through Ealing Broadway was the two 50s, on their way to London Paddington to meet the tour, 50007 (50014) and 50049 passed through Ealing Broadway 23 minutes late.

50007 and 50049 GBRf
Credit: Charlie Greasley
50049 and 50007
Credit: Charlie Greasley

Finally, the tour, the two 50s are now seen speeding their way from London Paddington through Ealing Broadway towards Penzance, looking superb in their new livery. The duo passed through just 8 minutes late on their way to the West Coast.

GBRF 50049 and 50014
Credit: Charlie Greasley

What do you think of the new 50 liveries? At RailAdvent, we love it! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • The locos look fantastic in the GBRf livery. Large logo with added colour and more. Would be nice to see a class 40 or a 55 put back onto the mainline in a new suit of colour.

  • As an old-fashioned steam-age guy I’m NOT a diesel fanatic – but I do think you can play around with changes of livery much more with diesels (& electric) far more than with steam, which look better in ‘original’ liveries of their respective periods. The work on the two 50s is superb – clearly there’s much more than a mere paint job done here, so congrats to those concerned, and have a well-earned pint! My only concern here, as with various ‘retro’ liveries – is that of durability of the paint used, as the ‘newness’ doesn’t always last long, as I recall from the countless many livery schemes in recent past years, which also rely on regular TLC in service. But all in all, love the GBRf livery – it’s bright and colourful, but not too jazzy – ideal for UK railwatchers’ tastes, I think! Thanks, Rail Advent!

  • I’ve always liked this GBRf livery, and the locomotives look very smart in it. Many of the Class 66s seem to be getting new paint jobs , so I hope some are retained in these original colours.

  • Very smart, I always liked the 50s. As a Shunter at Penzance in the 70s – 80s I once coupled up 50027 and 50028 Lion and Tiger, then picked up the car guv in the yard, and onto the 21.35 Padd Sleepers. Long may Train enthusiasm continue.

  • The paint job is nice but not my cuppa tea. The 50s should be original condition. You wouldn’t paint the flying Scotsman in NSE livery. It’s just not right