Update on and tour programme for steam locomotive 35028 Clan Line

Reassembly of Driver's Side Motion // Credit MNLPS
Reassembly of Driver's Side Motion // Credit MNLPS

The Merchant Navy Locomotive Preservation Society have been busy carrying out winter maintenance to their Southern Railway Merchant Navy Class No.35028 Clan Line ahead of another busy year on mainline trains.


Preparations have been carried out, ready for steaming the Merchant Navy following its annual cold boiler examination.

Both washout and syphon plugs have been screwed back in, with new fusible plugs being made, mudhole door with new gaskets refitted.

Once the tender is refilled with water, the firebox can be lit up as treated water is already in the boiler. The rocking grate has been fitted with new carrier and finger bars as the old ones were unfit for use.

Bottom-End and Electrics

Bushes along the length of the driver’s side motion have received new white metal and machined, with the motion reassembled now.

Reviewing the electrical system, electricians have been trying to reduce the number of cables to the battery charger, which runs the AWS/TPWS and GSM-R equipment on board.

Rebuilt Rocking Grate Credit MNLPS
Rebuilt Rocking Grate Credit MNLPS

Painting and Preserving

Areas of the engine which have recently received a new coat of paint are the cylinder covers, smokebox door and parts of the tender. Repainting areas of the tender were the result of damage caused by grit blasting. To increasing the life-span of the tender’s tank top, the inside of it has been grit blasted and coats of epoxy resin sprayed onto the whole surface area blasted.

Tour Dates

The Society has also posted a list of mainline tours that 35028 “Clan Line” is planned to haul throughout 2019, which can be found below (Please be aware 35028 may be withdrawn from these tours and/or new tours added as the year progresses – check our Railtour page for more information.)

  1. Friday 8th of March (Belmond British Pullman – Surrey Hills)
  2. Thursday 18th of April (Belmond British Pullman – Surrey Hills)
  3. Wednesday 15th of May (Belmond British Pullman – Bath and Bristol)
  4. Friday 7th of June (Belmond British Pullman – Surrey Hills)
  5. Saturday 29th of June (UK Railtours – London to Bristol and Return)
  6. Wednesday 10th of July (Belmond British Pullman – Stratford Upon Avon)
  7. Friday 27th of July (Belmond British Pullman – Surrey Hills)
  8. Friday 9th of August (Belmond British Pullman – Surrey Hills)
  9. Saturday 10th of August (UK Railtours – “Chiltern and Downs”)
  10. Wednesday 11th of September (Belmond British Pullman – Bath and Bristol)
  11. Wednesday 9th of October (Belmond British Pullman – Stratford Upon Avon)
  12. Friday 18th of October (Belmond British Pullman – Surrey Hills)
  13. Friday 8th of November (Belmond British Pullman – Surrey Hills)
  14. Thursday 5th of December (Belmond British Pullman – Surrey Hills)
  15. Saturday 14th of December (Belmond British Pullman – Surrey Hills)

For more information or to support the Merchant Navy Locomotive Preservation Society, please visit their website here.

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