Contactless payment coming this February to Heathrow Express

Heathrow Ticket gates
Credit: Heathrow Express

Heathrow Express has announced that from Tuesday 19 February 2019, Contactless and Oyster will be new ways to pay for tickets.

This is simply done by using the new card readers that have been installed at ticket barriers at London Paddington and Heathrow Airport.

When you touch in at the start of your journey and out at your destination, passengers will be automatically charged for the journey, this means there is no need to purchase a ticket before travelling.

Depending on the time passengers travel on Heathrow Express, they will be charged for a Peak or Off-Peak Express single meaning you’ll still find the best value fares including Express Saver Returns, advance tickets from £5.50 each way at weekends and other great offers.

Using Contactless payment or Oyster costs the same buying a normal paper ticket from the ticket office.

Passengers can also use Contactless or Oyster to travel in Business First carriages by paying to upgrade once onboard.

Travel on Heathrow Express is not included in travelcards or in weekly / monthly fare capping.

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