WATCH: person crosses level crossing as train approaches in Barmouth

Shocking footage has been uploaded to YouTube that shows a woman walking across Barmouth South railway crossing, just as a Transport for Wales Class 158 approaches.

According to the North Wales Live website, John Lewis was awaiting the 15:57 service to Pwllheli, when he noticed the lady ignoring the lights and began to walk across the level crossing.

Thankfully, the driver of the train stopped the train and began to climb out of the cab to speak to the woman.

This is highly dangerous, please do not trespass onto a level crossing when a train is approaching!

What did the officials say?

A Network Rail spokesperson said:

“Deliberate misuse of level crossings is incredibly dangerous and people should never run the risk on the railway.

“We are aware of the incident at Barmouth South level crossing and are in contact with our partners at the British Transport Police.”

A spokesperson for British Transport Police said:

“This video shows how dangerous it can be to misuse a level crossing.

“Ignoring the warning signals and crossing when the barrier is down is incredibly reckless behaviour and this woman risked her life by doing so.”

Quotes thanks to the North Wales Live website, see the full report here.

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  1. Stupid woman. Hope she gets fined for crossing onto the level crossing as the barriers are down and the train was approaching which luckily the driver applied the brakes before it was too late. This is why footbridges and foot-tunnels are much safer to use for pedestrians. If only there was a footbridge installed in that picture.

    • Grays in Essex is even worse despite there’s a footbridge but still there are idiots out there who trespass onto the level crossing as the barriers are coming down.

  2. There is a footbridge nearby – other side of the co-op – but hardly anyone uses it. The transport police blocked the crossing by the camp site years ago which effectively closed a pleasant walk into town along the prom.


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