WATCH: Class 37 locomotives last day operating in the Lake District


Northern’s Class 37 hauled trains in the Lake District finished for good yesterday, and we have been lucky enough to be sent some footage of the trains.

The Class 37s were on hire from Direct Rail Services (DRS) and operated between Barrow-In-Furness and Carlisle via Ravenglass.

However, due to Northern now having enough Diesel Multiple Units, these will now replace the 37s on the route.

Thanks to Josh Haworth, we have been lucky enough to share this video footage as well as various photos of the last day of the workings.

The video features 37558 (37424) departing Workington in the evening darkness, producing a very good noise, with a few toots of the horn.

There hasn’t been any confirmation yet as to what the Class 37s and Mk2 coaches will now work in the country.

Below are a few images from Josh’s trip to the Lake District.

Class 37
Credit: Josh Haworth
Class 37424
Credit: Josh Haworth
Class 37 558
Credit: Josh Haworth

A big thank you to Josh Haworth for sending us the video and the images!

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  1. Just one, minor correction. Workington is not in the Lake District, never has been and never will be.

    Had you mentioned Coniston or Windermere or indeed Ambleside, you would have been nearer to the mark.

    2nd point. Diesel multiple units do not need capital letters in the middle of a sentence.

    I am not entirely sure where you went to school but your overall grasp of English is very patchy.

    Why not leave things to the professionals?

  2. Ok that’s a bit patronising !!! The guy is merely making a point and not here to be lectured and ridiculed by the grammar police. It’s the end of a short but significant era in locomotive haulage in a lovely part of the country, so stop being an entitled leftie moron who’s making a mountain out of a molehill in the pursuit of self – aggrandisement !!!!! 😐

  3. Thanks for sharing Michael. Class37 diesels have always been a favourite of mine.
    (Mr Kewish’s comment was a bit harsh wasn’t it. )

  4. Mixed feelings about the older diesels. Yes they are heavy engineering looking impressive but at the same time, were only kept going to get round new emissions controls that didn’t apply to older locomotives. Saw a couple in action at Norwich just before Christmas and the noise and fumes from 2 engines to get a 3 coach train was in stark contrast to the 10 coach electric train leaving for London. Time to move on and move these older warhorses to the preservation sector asap.

    • No such thing as the ‘preservation sector’. That would be the hard working volunteers that get preserved locomotives up and running back to tip top condition.

  5. Couple of DRS engines departing Kingmoor, running up the East coast as far as Chathill. Then down to Teesside and backup to Kingmoor. Maybe getting ready for some form of working on the East side of the country

  6. Good,if these are the loco’s that pass my mothers bungalow at Braystones then the pots and pans shouldn’t rattle as much !!! May be the newer D M Us will stop at the station on a regular basis.


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