Steam locomotive news from the Bodmin and Wenford Railway

6435 Hauling the Auto Train // Credit Peter Zabek
6435 Hauling the Auto Train // Credit Peter Zabek

The Bodmin and Wenford Railway has released a news update on their steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, and its coaches.

Now that the main running season is finished, work has progressed with the boiler repairs to steam locomotive 6435. Patch screws to the inner firebox and tubeplate and the replacement of some of the crown stays have both been achieved.

The ten-yearly overhaul of 5552 has progressed and the wheels are now back in the frames. The valve spindles are being modified and the tubes are being fitted into the boiler.

Unfortunately, locomotive No.4247 has been stopped for repairs and now may be out of service for a number of months.

The long-term repairs to BR Class 47 47306 are now into the advanced stages and now the locomotive is awaiting the return of the roof from the contractors. A paint scheme has been applied, too.

When it comes to the railway coaches at the Bodmin and Wenford Railway, the overhaul of BR Mk1 TSO 4656 has begun and is now dealing with the wear and tear of the last ten years.

Churchward “toplight”  2434 is now receiving final fittings as it comes towards the end of a massive rebuild. Currently, the coach is sitting on the workshop’s pillar jacks while the bogies are overhauled.

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