Winter maintenance begins on steam locomotive 5428 Eric Treacy

5428 Eric Treacy at Grosmont
Credit: Andrew Jeffery

Andrew Jeffery, of the Grosmont MPD News – The Original Facebook Group, has announced that steam locomotive 5428 Eric Treacy has begun its winter maintenance.

After a season of sterling performance, 5428 was outside Grosmont MPD on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway today, 8th November 2018, being prepared for the winter season.

5428’s tender water valve on the firemans side has been repaired. The valve has subsequently been re-packed.

The right hand side atomiser pipe nipple, which was found to be leaking, has been removed and re-silver soldered.

The loco has now also been winterised. Apart from dropping the boiler water (set to be completed Friday 9th November 2018).

This work to winterise the locomotive has also included taking the gauges off and removing the injector caps.

5428 Eric Treacy
Credit: Andrew Jeffery

As with most heritage railways, most of the work undertaken on the railway is done so thanks to donations and volunteers. If you would like to help on the railway, then please click here to learn more about volunteering. If you can’t volunteer, you can also help the railway by donating some spare money. Click here to learn more about donating.

Our thanks go to Andrew Jeffery of the Grosmont MPD News – The Original Facebook Group for allowing us to the use the image and information found in this article. Click here to join the group and keep up to date with behind the scenes action at the NYMR.

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