Progress on the Overhaul of steam locomotive No.928 Stowe

Chassis of 928
Chassis of 928 "Stowe" // Credit V Class 928 'Stowe' FB Page

Good progress has been made on overhauling Southern Railway V “Schools” Class No.928 Stowe based at the Bluebell Railway.


A milestone has been reached with the return of the firebox from repair work.

Currently, the side sheets are welded and the tubeplate plus throatplate riveted into place. The next step is to drill holes for the new stays.

Copper Firebox for 928 "Stowe" // Credit V Class 928 'Stowe' FB
Copper Firebox for 928 “Stowe” // Credit V Class 928 ‘Stowe’ FB Page


The frame has been placed on the rear coupled wheelset after fitting of the overhauled axleboxes.

This was followed by reattaching the springs for this wheelset. The leading coupled wheelset has received re-proofing of the crank axle journals. Soon they will join the rest of the chassis.

Other work carried out around bigger tasks has included the renewal of metal sheets beneath the inside cylinder.

Re-Profiling of the Crank Axle Journals // Credit V Class 928 'Stowe' FB Page
Re-Profiling of the Crank Axle Journals // Credit V Class 928 ‘Stowe’ FB Page

Preservation life of 928 “Stowe”

Brought from British Railways in 1962, it would be almost two decades before the locomotive would steam again, after restoration at the Bluebell Railway. On expiry of 928’s first boiler ticket in preservation, the engine became a static display while awaiting overhaul.

Transfer of ownership to the Maunsell Locomotive Society in September 2000 would see the locomotive remain at the line for the foreseeable future. Efforts towards the overhaul started with the tender, which is ready to run. Work on the locomotive began back in 2013.

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