Dovetail Games release ICE 3 add on for Train Simulator 2019

Credit: Dovetail Games

Dovetail Games has announced that they have released their latest add-on for Train Simulator 2019, the DB 407 ‘New ICE 3’.

This add-on features the 407 in DB Inter-City Express Livery and comes with highly detailed graphics and a realistic driving behaviour.

The pantograph, which powers the train, has realistic sparks as well as wipers with speed control to really immerse yourself in the game.

This train is Quick Drive compatible, allowing you to drive this train on your favourite route and comes with realistic sounds and a help system.

3 career scenarios come standard with this addon (requires the Frankfurt High Speed: Frankfurt – Karlsruhe route).

This excellent add-on costs just £14.99 from the Dovetail store and on Steam. Pick it up today and be one of the first to drive this lovely unit. Click here to buy!

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