Car crashes into steam locomotive in Norfolk

Steam train crash
Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

The M&GN Joint Railway Society has announced that one of their locomotives has been involved with a collision at the North Norfolk Railway today (17th November 2018).

The resident Y14 locomotive was involved in the collision with the silver car as it made its way along the heritage railway today.

The accident happened at the crossing by Sheringham Golf Club, with the road closed for an hour or so.

All crew of the locomotive, passengers on the train, and the car driver are said to be ok.

The locomotive has escaped damage bar from a scratch on the buffer beam, however, the car is a complete write-off.

We do not have any information apart from this, and the M&GN Joint Railway Society do not want to discuss anything further until a full report is completed. We must respect this!

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  1. I probably would say that the driver in the Mercedes Benz is at fault because the driver didn’t see the train coming until it was too late. Or must of jumped the red signal and without warning crashed into the steam locomotive.

    • Andrew, as usual, offers a glimpse of the blindingly obvious. For the record, trains have priority at crossings so, ipso facto, the car driver is at fault.
      In other incidents, the car driver’s insurance has had to pay for damage to the train, the crossing fittings etc.
      There have been rare incidents where a train has reached a crossing but the lights or barriers have not worked; these are wholly exceptional and are subject to an inquiry by the Rail Accident inspectorate.


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