Llangollen Railway to stop work on steam locomotive No.45551 The Unknown Warrior

Steam Loco The Unknown Warrior stands outside awaiting transport to Warley
Credit: LMS Patriot Project

The Llangollen Railway has announced that they have made a decision not to take any further work with the project to build the new National Memorial Steam Locomotive.

This will now mean that they will not be doing any further work beyond what is currently undergoing with the project.

The engineering team at the heritage railway, in North Wales, have been working on No.45551 since 2008.

The team have been working alongside the LMS Patriot Co. Ltd to help with the construction of The Unknown Warrior.

This is very sad to hear, however, we do have to respect the Llangollen’s decision.

What did the officials say?

Following intensive discussions with the team behind No 45551, a railway spokesperson announced that:

“We have taken the decision not to tender for any further work in regards to the LMS Patriot Company, Llangollen Railway has a full order book and is therefore unable to meet with the very tight timescale requirements of the project”

“On October 29th, the Patriot locomotive, No. 45551, will be leaving Llangollen for the last time and will travel to Crewe Heritage Centre to have its boiler trial fitted. “Llangollen Railway wishes the LMS Patriot Company well in the completion of The Unknown Warrior.”

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  1. As a long time supporter of the legion I find this decision unbelievably nieve. The negative publicity when this locomotive is completed can be anticipated. On each outing it will be annonced that in no way did the legion support the project. Have the legion board consulted there local branches? I suspect not and have reached this decision without any thoughts of the members. I shall no longer support the legion in any way, les johnson

  2. Naive, is not a difficult word. Neither is it difficult in this short statement.
    How naive do you have to be of the legions sterling work with real life unknown warriors, fallen on hard times needing the financial assistance. To justify the claim your donation in membership or finance. Can be withdrawn due to the reason I presume. The legion stopping financial aid. Its not like the whole project is being scrapped. I am glad the legion has more money for the homeless and in need veterans. I think our responsibility for them should be paramount. Especially during winter.


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