Steam trains to run throughout the night at the South Devon Railway Golden Anniversary Gala

Overnight running at the South Devon Railway
Credit: South Devon Railway

The South Devon Railway has announced that they will be running trains overnight at their Golden Anniversary Gala.

The overnight running will take place between the 6th and 7th April 2019.

Steam trains will operate continuously from 10 am on Saturday until 6 pm on Sunday, with trains operating between Buckfastleigh and Totnes.

As part of this, photo opportunities will be in abundance with the opportunity to photograph the sheds and the engines within the yard (more on this to be announced soon).

Food will be available overnight to keep everyone’s energy up.

Below is the information regarding tickets for the overnight running:

  • Rover tickets for Saturday 6th April are valid until 7 pm
  • Rover tickets for Sunday 7th April are valid from 7 am Sunday 7 April.
  • Visitors wishing to ONLY travel on the overnight trains, from 7 pm Saturday 6 April to 8 am Sunday 7 April, may purchase an ‘overnight only’ ticket for £15.
  • Passengers with a Saturday ticket can extend their ticket until 8 am on Sunday for just £7.50.
  • Passengers with a Sunday ticket can extend their ticket to start from 7 pm on Saturday for £7.50
  • Visitors with a Saturday rover ticket AND a Sunday rover ticket may travel overnight at no extra cost

This is an excellent opportunity to see the South Devon Railway in a different light, with some unique photo opportunities.

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