The Small Loco Group release update on steam locomotive No.656

Credit: The Small Loco Group

The Small Loco Group has released an update on the overhaul of steam locomotive No.656, taking place at the Nene Valley Railway.

The locomotive’s chassis has returned to the heavy overhaul shed at Wansford. This enables the frames to be lifted off of the wheels.

This then allows the wheels to be prepared for being sent away for tyre turning and to have the crank pins fitted.

Whilst the wheels are away, the chassis will be placed on a weltrol wagon to enable it to be moved out of the shed if needed.

The motion for the locomotive has been removed and has been laid out to enable the parts to be cleaned, checked and measured. This is to make sure that they are ready for service.

The steam pipes have been set up to allow them to have a hydraulic test to ensure these are also fit for service.

Adrian, one of the workers, has carried out work on the tanks. One of them is ready for the patch to be welded back in. This enabled access inside of the tank. Adrian is now in the process of needle gunning the inside of the second tank.

If you would like to help out the group, then please visit their Facebook page here.


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