First motion parts for steam locomotive No.1759 delivered

Credit: The Armstrong Collection

The Class G5 Locomotive Company have announced that the first motions parts have been delivered for steam locomotive No. 1759.

This follows on from the successful launch of ‘The Motion Fund’.

The group took delivery of the slide bars and un-machined coupling rod forgings. Machining drawings for the coupling rods, the design of the crosshead, piston rods and pistons are currently being produced by David Elliott.

The Motion Fun was launched in October 2017 at the groups 2017 Annual General Meeting and has since achieved a third of its memberships. The G5 Locomotive Company is looking for 150 people to each contribute £600 to raise the £90,000 to complete the motion. By joining the club, you get the following benefits:

  • Credit: Tim Taylor

    A FREE 6” replica brass worksplate carrying the number 1759

  • A seat on the first train pulled by the G5 – free of charge
  • An opportunity to become a shareholder with 30% EIS tax relief
  • A regular newsletter
  • An invite to our annual conference
What did the officials say?

Richard Maughan, CEO, The Class G5 Locomotive Company Limited commented:

“Progress in 2017 was mostly paperwork based around the crank axle, however 2018 has seen significant physical progress on the locomotive.

“Most recently, we have taken delivery of the slide bars, coupling rods, the running board angle irons and gusset plates. Now the running boards and gusset plates are fixed onto the frames, you can really start and see the shape of G5!

“The next stage in the construction is to continue to procure parts of the motion and to design the tank support brackets, allowing us to fit the cab to the frames. If you would like to see this North Eastern locomotive return, please come on board with us today”


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