Epping Ongar Railway set to celebrate 50 years since the steam locomotive ban on British Rail

Credit: Epping Ongar Railway
Credit: Epping Ongar Railway

The Epping Ongar Railway will be remembering the 11th August 1968 with an exhibition in the Penny Salon gallery at Ongar Station.

The 11th August 1968 was when the last steam train, the 1T57 Fifteen Guinea Special, ran and a full steam locomotive ban followed this.

The Epping Ongar will be remembering this by a gallery at Ongar Station with Barry and after: fifty years since the end of mainline steam. This features pictures from the last days of steam, early preservation and the return to steam on the main line following the lifting of the ban.

The role of the National Railway Museum in returning locomotives to steam is also featured as well as the restoration of engines rescued from Barry Scrapyard.

Finally, the show features the current range of new build projects and the rise of diesel and electric in preservation.

This sounds a wonderful way to remember the old days of steam and is well worth a visit!


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