Digital Traction release LSWR Adams Radial steam locomotive pack for Train Simulator

LSWR Adams Radial
Credit: Digital Traction

Digital Traction has announced that their LSWR Adams Radial steam locomotive pack has been released on their download centre for Train Simulator 2018.

The pack comes with multiple camera views, custom LSWR discs, wheelslip dynamics, new sounds recorded from the Beattie Well.

Digital Traction also has included 10 liveries, 10 quick drives, Sim Nation ‘Locomotion’ framework and automatic fireman as well as performance mode.

This superb pack costs just £15.99. You can get your hands on it by clicking here.

In the real world

In the real world, the London and South Western Railway 415 class were designed by William Adams and were introduced in 1882 and gained the name ‘Adams Radial Tanks’. Most of the class were scrapped around World War 1, however, one still survives today at the Bluebell Railway as No.488, but this hasn’t run since the 1980s.

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