Steam locomotive hauled trains return to the Llangollen Railway this weekend

5199 arrives at Carrog on the Llangollen Railway
5199 arrives at Carrog

The Llangollen Railway has announced that steam locomotives will be once again hauling trains through the Dee Valley from this weekend.

As you will be aware, the heatwave that the UK has been through has dried all the grass out on the line side and meant that there was a greater risk of lineside fires, so, the Llangollen Railway has been running their trains with diesels instead.

However, overnight, there has been some much needed heavy rainfall in the area. With this in mind, the railway has decided that steam locomotives are once again allowed to be on the front of trains from this weekend.

Steam locomotive 5199 will be in charge of trains this weekend. The railway is running a blue timetable, which is a DMU operating alongside 5199.

More information on the timetable is available here.

Please note: The Llangollen Railway are taking care and caution in the reintroduction of steam services – changes may be made without prior warning.

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