Where and when to see steam locomotive No.60103 Flying Scotsman in London and Preston tomorrow

Flying Scotsman at Hellifield // Credit: RailAdvent
Flying Scotsman at Hellifield // Credit: RailAdvent

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Steam locomotive 60103 Flying Scotsman will be back in steam on the mainline and will be in London and Preston on Monday 18th June 2018.

The A3 locomotive will be double heading with Black 5 45212 on a special railtour tomorrow. Both 60103 and 45212 are hauling a Steam Dreams railtour on Monday.

The steam locomotives will depart London Victoria at approximately 08:46 am.

The railtour will then leave London Victoria, bound for Preston/Carnforth, where it will steam through Kensington Olympia (09:06), Wembley Central (10:20), Watford Junction (10:31) and Milton Keynes Central (11:13) before stopping at Rugby at 11:56 to pick up passengers.

After around 30 minutes, 60103 and 45212 will depart Rugby at 12:28. From here, the pair will steam through Nuneaton (12:46) and Stafford (13:39) before arriving at its next stop of Crewe at 14:11.

After another 30 minute break for fuelling, 60103 and 45212 will make their way north via Winsford (14:52), Warrington Bank Quay (15:08), Wigan North Western (15:30) and Euxton Jn (15:45) before arriving at Preston at 15:56.

60103 and 45212 will then depart Preston at 16:10 before making their way further up the West Coast Mainline via Lancaster (16:34) before making their final destination of Carnforth at 16:41.

There is no return working for this railtour!

These above timings in brackets are approximate timings, please click the links below, which tracks the train throughout the day to keep you up to date on when it will pass through your local station.


For timings on these movements, please click the links below:

If you do go out and see 60103 Flying Scotsman and 45212, why not sign up to LocoStop, our brand new railway community, and share your photos from your adventures! Click here to sign up.

As always, please respect the dangers of the railway. Please do not trespass on the railway to see this iconic locomotive – stay to public access spots!



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